Bhubaneswar Bureau

Bhubaneswar, Feb.2, 2003

Police was forced to arrest seven miscreants on allegation of poaching of migratory birds in the Chilika lake area this morning. As many as 30 dead birds along with the rifles used in the heinous crime were seized in course of a raid jointly undertaken by police and forest officials.

The offenders have confessed the crime before being forwarded to court. But none of them seems to be worried as hoodwinking the law is easier in the courts than in custody.

Out of the seven arrested three are habitual offenders. They were arrested last year for poaching but were later enlarged on bail. According to police, they are Pravat Munda, Sisir Jena and Babuli Jena. Unless the courts dispose off cases within a week or two of granting bails to the law-breakers, and award sharp and stiff punishment, poaching cannot be stopped by police or forest officials, feel these two prosecuting wings.

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