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The Officer-in-charge of Railway Police Station, Puri, Madhu Mishra was nabbed today by vigilance sleuths while taking bribe from the brother-in-law of an accused for forwarding the case dairy (cd) to the court to help him expedite hearing on his bail plea.

One Shambhu Nayak was remanded to judicial custody three days ago for having manhandled a tourist from Bihar. His application for bail could not be granted in absence of the case dairy. As per practice, the court preferred to wait till it comes to record. Legally, therefore, there was no chance of hearing till the Government Railway Police forwarded the cd.

As the family members of Shambhu were eager to bail him out, the cd was to be available to the court as early as possible. This gave Mishra the opportunity to demand a thousand rupees as bribe. Sambhu’s brother-in-law informed the vigilance police and the trap was laid.

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