Bhubaneswar Bureau

Bhubaneswar, Feb.4,2003

Ramesh Chandra Das, an Assistant Sub-Inspector of police in Jagannathprasad outpost of Ganjam has been put under suspension on charges of attempt to rape an unmarried girl in course of an investigation.

In the night of February 1, he reached the house of the victim under the guise of official duty. Earlier in the day, the girl had accompanied her mother to the out-post on call from the ASI to clarify their position in a dowry related matter. The officer took the girl to an attached enclosure and abused her peripherally. The place being disadvantageous in view of its accessibility to public, he then let the girl go with pronouncement that he shall visit her in her house during the night and if she refuses to satisfy his desire, then implication in the dowry torture case would be a must. The poor child, on return from the outpost, informed this to her villagers who decided to keep a secret watch. Storming into her house, without any qualm, Ramesh dragged away the girl to the backyard and the villagers, as per their plan, caught him red-handed in his attempt to rape her.

He was physically rescued by the Sub-Divisional Police Officer of Bhanjnagar the next day but not before being beaten black and blue.

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