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Even as UN Population division reports that Orissa does not show any improvement in Human Development Index (HDI) while topping the poverty ladder, academics feel that birth and death registration is also not credible in the State.

Observing the World Population day on July11, Utkal University’s Population Research Center cogitated this issue and offered collaboration in registering births and deaths online in the capital City to begin with, to do away with this lacuna. It is holding talks with Information and Technology department as well as the Health Department at the moment and prevailing on them to instruct all the city based clinics and hospital, both government and private, to cooperate. Civil bodies are also to be motivated for this, the center said in a bulletin.

Held with the university Vice chancellor Prof. L.N.Misra in Chair, the event was addressed by former professor of Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, T.P.Tripathy.

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