Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Four days passed away in Orissa Assembly debating on Kalinga Nagar massacre, the unprecedented and ugliest onslaught ever perpetrated by the State government on innocent and illiterate tribal people who were crying together for protection of their tiny plots of land from the massive and melancholic grip of the Tata Steel industry that was going ahead with construction of boundary wall, encroaching upon their said plots of land, oblivious of their protests.

Chief Minister Navin Pattanayak, even though his stooges have left no force within their command unused to counter the charges leveled by the Opposition, to the extent of even supporting the police action that extinguished twelve tribal lives, is yet to answer.

What would be his answer would be a matter to watch. But, as on now, he seems to be the mastermind behind the massacre, alleged the Leader of Opposition, J.B.Pattanaik, participating in the debate on February 09.

The Leader of Opposition pointed out the circumstantial evidences point at Naveen Patnaik. It is he who has been working for the mines-grabbers. In the high-level meeting held in his chamber in the Secretariat on Dec.28, 05, it is he who had issued directions to the administration to deploy enough police on the site to help Tatas at any cost to build up their boundary wall. This was the reason of the presence of so huge number of armed police with thirst for tribal blood on the spot where the Tatas were to start wall construction, said J.B.

The local Collector, basing on intelligence report, had informed the State Government, much ahead of the day of the massacre, details of the mass reaction to Tata’s plan for enclosing encroached tribal land within a compound wall. Instead of initiating conciliation in the matter, the meeting held in the Chief Minister’s chamber on Dec.28,05, drew out plans for silencing tribal protests by unleashing a reign of terror. And the result is the unprecedented massacre.

Under such a situation, Naveen Patnaik stands at the center of suspicion. He should own responsibility and quit.

It would be an indication of how the ruling combine is responsible if Naveen is replaced by any other of its members, the Leader of the Opposition told a perplexed treasury bench.

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