First day in Assembly/ Naveen Patnaik should have felt ashamed of his performance

Subhas Chandra PattanayakThe first day in the 17th Assembly became an embarrassment to Orissa when Governor Raghubar Das delivered his customary speech in Hindi in blatant disregard to the sentiment of the people of Orissa and the Leader of Opposition … Read more →

Restoration of Biju in nomenclature of Sports Award seems correct, but withdrawing his name from every official project is necessary

Subhas Chandra PattanayakThe new Chief Minister of Orissa Mr. Mohan Charan Majhi has restored Biju Patnaik in the nomenclature of Sports Award. “The Biju Patnaik Sports Award” was promulgated when Naveen Patnaik had cooked up a conspiracy to keep his … Read more →