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Orissa Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik was desperately anxious to show others that his credibility has not declined.

I had discussed this in these pages on 30th March.

Exactly as I had suspected, he has defeated a four year old boy in credibility contest even though the boy had never been made aware of the significance of such a contest!

The boy is Buddhia Singh, not even five years in age. He is the son of a wretchedly poor woman residing in a slum of Bhubaneswar. Marked for his self-confidence and readiness to brave all obstacles to hit a target, this wonderful boy has attracted world attention as the youngest but the most popular sports person of Orissa. Many a foreign forums have started shooting documentaries on him. He is such a darling of the people of Orissa that wherever he is going to participate in a marathon run, thousands and thousands of people from every nook and corner of the area, irrespective of age, stature and gender, are thronging the streets to have a glimpse of him, to welcome him. It is impossible on part of Naveen Patnaik to surpass this boy in popularity in a real contest.

Therefore a fake contest was organized by electronic media major ETV, which, notwithstanding being run by a non-Oriya owner, has been able to spread its network all over Orissa ever since Naveen Patnaik has become the Chief Minister. Another non-Oriya concern Airtel collaborated.

The contest was captioned PRIYA ORIYA, meaning Orissa’s dearest person. Selected persons were asked to suggest ten names for the contest. The organizers printed their own ballot papers, selected spots convenient to them for collecting the so-called votes, scrutinized and counted the so-called ballot papers after the stage managed polling, stored the ballot papers wherever they preferred and declared five names including Buddhia’s, as contestants in the final round.

Buddhia’s name provoked some to believe that the contest was perhaps genuine; because for any genuine Oriya this boy is certainly a dear one. But Buddhia was not made aware that his popularity was at stake in a contest against the Chief Minister. The final votes were collected through mobile phones. Buddhia has no mobile phone; he does not know how to use a mobile phone. He does not know who of the people that love him have mobile phones. He even could not support himself through a mobile phone. But according to ETV, Buddhia was surpassed in support by Naveen Patnaik, the Chief Minister of the State! Could there be a more crude mockery of popularity contest?

It was a surprise that the Chief Minister rushed down from Delhi to receive the felicitation given to him by ETV in a grand ceremony at Bhubaneswar, for having vanquished the four year old illiterate and ignorant boy Buddhia Singh in popularity contest. Has he not been personally eager to bag such a title as PRIYA ORIYA, could he ever allow himself to accept such a felicitation in such a manner?

He told the viewers that he was very happy to be felicitated by a girl child who was born on the day he had taken oath as the Chief Minister.

But how could he not grasp the significance of a Chief Minister publicly admitting that he knew of and has known that there was a contest between him as the Chief Minister and a four year old illiterate, ignorant, wretchedly poor slum dweller boy on the question of popularity, in which he has been declared as winner? How could a Chief Minister stoop so low to enjoy his own victory over such a boy, when, in reality, the boy, whose projected defeat helped him to bag the PRIYA ORIYA title, had no knowledge of the so-called contest?

Besides telling us how fidgety has become Naveen Patnaik after media survey showed his popularity in decline, the so called PRIYA ORIYA contest also shows to what extent ETV is capable of making a farce of media activism.

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  1. I am impressed with this article of yours.Just concerned that you have every logo of sharing websites except Stumble upon. Please add that?

  2. Stumble upon works with those firefox browsers which have stumbleupon installed as an addon. And if someone wants to add an article they can simply click on their browser addon and in a second the article will be added.

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  4. An investigation is necessary- the link of the Outlook and Naveen Patnaik.It is just cheating and play is mischievous. One who does not know the language of the people, the language of his or her land, how can he be great! If he is great then what Poet Gangadhar Meher has said Matrubhasa matrubhumire mamata jaa hrude nahin taaku jebe gyani ganare ganibaa agyana rahibe kahin? – is wrong! Naveen the best Vrs we the worst! let us say like this. Where are Odias? Where are the people of Odisha? And where is Odisha?Is Odisha Ours?

  5. We the worst
    And you the best.

    You know not
    The language of the land
    You rule.
    Your mother is
    Not the daughter of
    This land.
    Your father has done
    Irreparable loss
    To the official language
    Of the state.
    And you are the best.
    Can you say all
    The names of your own ministers,
    Secretaries, helpers
    Without seeing the papers?
    Can you say what
    You are eating, drinking
    And how you are sleeping?
    Is there love in your heart?
    Yet you are the best. Hurra,
    Hip hip, hurray!

    We are the worst.
    We love our mother,
    The daughter of this land.
    Our fathers taught us
    How to love and sacrifice
    The life for the mother language
    For the mother land and
    For the mother.
    We say we are independent,
    We are separate,
    We are sovereign.
    It is our birth right
    To get letters, orders
    And everything in our language,
    The language prescribed by
    The Constitution and
    The laws of the land.
    We vote for our representatives
    Who are there in the Assembly
    To frame laws for us.
    And you are killing us,
    Every day, every moment.
    Killing our mother,
    Killing our identity.
    We are the worst!
    Get lost.

  6. Salute to the mind of real investigating journalism .
    Really hard to digest .

  7. Things fall apart,
    The Centre can not hold.
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,
    The blood-dimmed tide is lossed,
    And every where,
    The ceremony of innocence is drowned,
    The best lack all conviction,
    While the worst,
    Are full pf passionate intensity !
    –WB Yeats

  8. Mahodaya,

    till date many things in history of Odisha are manipulated.Many manipulation has been done by Mughals,British & many other vested interest people of India.Therefore we need a Odisha Council of Historical Research like Kerala Council of historical research/Indian council of historical research for Odisha. We need proper documentation & research for everything.Many things in history of Odisha creating ambiguity among different section of the people/society like on the issue of Kalinga war, Lord Buddha & many other things.Therefore,i am requesting your good self to raise this issue with state govt…



  9. Illiterate, ignorant,
    Four years old of Orissa, India
    Buddhia Singh,a slum dweller,
    But self-confident and
    Ready to brave all obstacles
    To hit a target, world’s wonder,
    Knows not what is popularity,
    Yet attracted world attention
    As a marathon runner.
    To welcome him, to greet him,
    To have a glimpse at him,
    From every nook and corner
    Of all over the world,
    Thronging to streets,
    Irrespetive of age, stature
    And gender.
    Priya Oriya in the true sense.
    But in a fake contest with Buddhia,
    Organized by non-oriya organization,
    The chief Minister of Orissa
    Declared as winner.
    The innocent boy had
    No knowledge about the contest
    And the Chief Minister
    Enjoyed his own victory,
    No matter, he is able or not able to
    Utter the state official language,
    No matter, he has done what
    And not done what for others.
    How shame, how we are,
    The common men of the state,
    How our earth, how our language
    And the language of our mother!

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