Naveen no more, if Aparajita named the next CM!

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak
The political scenario in Orissa is getting murkier everyday with poll pundits failing to grasp why the expected coalition between BJP and BJD is not taking shape, even as the ranks and files of both the parties do not show any eagerness to reorient themselves to match the ethics of alliance.

BJD autocrat Naveen Patnaik has, in the meantime, taken stock of his party’s preparedness in a few Parliamentary constituencies. But more than helping his party’s electoral preparation, this exercise is viewed as a design to keep the morale of his files in tact.

BJD files are facing inclement climate in Orissa as people in general are visibly disillusioned with Naveen for his anti-Oriya attitude thanks to consistent BlackFlag Campaign (KalaPataka Abhijan) of Bhasha Andolan. The Oriyas have been silently watching how he has been deliberately contravening the Orissa Official Language Act, 1954 everyday in his discharge of official duties to the total disadvantage of the children of the soil. The have silently digested the ignominy of their Chief Minister resorting to Cabinet scam and forgery in amendment of this Act in order to obliterate the possibility of administration of Orissa in Oriya Language. Due to Naveen’s anglicised mentality, the splendid soil of the Oriyas has almost become a dominion of his Tamilian Rasputin, who was a mere public servant surviving on salary from the State Treasury yesterday, but because of Naveen’s mysterious weakness towards him, has become today the de facto ruler of the State.

The Oriyas  are eager to avenge. But to them, no alternative is available.

People have not pardoned the Congress, which, in reality, is guilty of rendering the aim of our Republic inconsequential by subjugating India to GATT-WTO and Nuke deal with USA. Its pro-USA economic policies had, in reality, defeated the  sovereign resolve WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA had adopted to constitute our country into a SOVERIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC.

In these pages we had portended doom for Congress, as we had sensed massive wrath in public against the stooges of USA like Manmohan Singh and his gang.   The Congress, despite Rahul Gandhi’s sincere endeavours, is yet not excused by the masses, particularly in Orissa. 

Communists are not in a position to form a Government in 2024. 

Hence the only alternative to Naveen raj appears to be the BJP, though their religious chauvinism is anathema to the cult of Jagannath that inherently controls the mindset of the “fine race” of Oriyas, who stand for liberal attitude to religion.

BJP is to do away with this defect in order to win the Oriya heart.

Perhaps it is taking time to project a CM candidate whose public image would not be found soiled with religious chauvinism. Such a candidate would be available to BJP in Ms. Aparajita Sarangi, presently member of Lok Sabha from Bhubaneswar,  who is marked for her adherence to administrative ethics than to upkeep places of worship, When she was Municipal Commissioner at Bhubaneswar, she had pressed bulldozers to demolish Hindu temples in different places of the City to free roads of obstacles. Hence, if she could be projected as the CM candidate, BJP may win in the special circumstances, notwithstanding aversion of general public to the party of profiteers.

In the circumstances, it can be safely predicted that discarding the coalition idea, if BJP fights alone with Ms. Aparajita Sarangi as its candidate for the post of CM, it would win the election for Orissa Assembly with corresponding success in Lok Sabha constituencies. 

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