Defeated in Two-Third of the States, Congress Must Get Rid of Man Mohan Singh

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Who heads a party doesn’t matter, but who heads the government matters in the matter of fetching a fresh mandate.

The people in two-third of the provinces that went to Assembly polls last month have refused to give a fresh mandate to the Congress.

It is not that the rejected provincial governments were not working for the benefit of their people. But they had to go because of their inability to save the people from the misrule of Dr. Man Mohan Singh that the Congress has imposed on the entire country.

The Congress should feel fortunate because the country as a whole had not gone to the polls. Otherwise it would have suffered a complete route.

The reason of this debacle as the Congress has located in the eyes of its President Sonia Gandhi is the unbearable price rise. But it has failed to locate the reason of price rise.

There was not a single patriotic intellectual in India who had not cautioned that unless the plans of Man Mohan Singh are rejected, unless his clandestine collaboration with WTO is terminated and unless the market economy clamped on the country by Singh is replaced by socialistic pattern as resolved for in the Constitution, rise in price of essential commodities cannot be checked and the people will perish. The present situation is the outcome of ignoring those warnings.

If memories should not be buried, it may be recalled that Singh had to resign from the then finance minister post at the summit of financial anarchy that had engulfed India consequent upon what he did to Indian economy. His policies tailored to suit American imperialism and indigenous black market gave birth to the empire of scams. In stead of India rising, his formula helped Harshad Mehta and his likes to rise. He was even held responsible for stock-scams by the joint parliamentary committee. He would have gone following the JPC report but for Prime Minister Narasingh Rao, who had to come to his rescue by refusing to send his resignation to the President under inexplicable shenanigans that had made us mark to what extent pro-America lobby may manipulate our administration. How can we fail to recall that people of this country had punished the Congress for its pro-Ameriacan policies formulated by Man Mohan Singh and, in a Hobson’s choice had to hand over the reign to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), notwithstanding it being the party of Indian anarchists!

Everybody in India knows that from behind the Ram’s mask, the Ravan’s real face got exposed and in the last Lok Sabha polls, notwithstanding the ad-blitzes of Bharata Udaya, the workers and peasants forming the majority of India rejected the BJP. But everybody also knows that our people had not voted Dr. Man Mohan Singh to replace Vajpayee as Prime Minister.

The forces that were keen in frustrating peoples’ mandate managed to make such scenarios that Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, the mass choice of India for the top post, had no other way than gifting away the position to Dr. Singh.

The Communists, who had not hesitated to question the timing of ‘Quit India call’ in 1942 as to them that call at that time was detrimental to the concentrated efforts against fascism, were not hesitant to extend their support to Dr. Singh if thereby the neo-fascists under the saffron colour could be kept away from further polluting the motherland. But this finer thread of leftwing politics has failed to help the people as was expected. Singh has taken full advantage of communists’ obsessions against BJP and the pro-imperialism economic system that he has clamped on the country has been allowed to run relentless. Result is what the Congress President has partially comprehended after the poll debacle.

Congress cannot change the track unless it gets rid of Man Mohan Singh. And unless it changes the track, people will change its government.

The Congress may take note of it.

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