Danger lurking in the Public Service Bill 2006 contemplated by PM

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

It is deeply disturbing that the Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh has floated a suggestion, which, if not rejected, may eventually transfer India’s administration to foreign hands.

This grueling possibility is lurking in the calculatedly worded sub-clause (3) of clause 10 under Chapter III of the Public Service Bill, 2006, the draft of which is published by the Prime Minister’s Office for public reaction.

Mark the mischief:

The Chapter is captioned as ‘Appointment to Public Services’ and the concerned sub-clause says, “A person who is not a citizen of India shall not be engaged as a public servant unless the government has special reasons to do so to be recorded in writing”.

Its shrewd promoters will say and show and the idiots will accept that the proposed Bill is patriotic inasmuch as it bans a person who is not a citizen of India from being appointed as a public servant, because this is the portion emphasized in the sentence that constitutes the sub-clause. But mischief lurks in the last portion. It is a cunning coinage that makes it unambiguously clear that the ban pronounced in the first portion of the sentence shall be of no use if the government records in writing any special reason to appoint any foreigner in any public service.

Special reasons may be many. Let us speculate:

Promoters of WTO have invested massive funds in various projects in India after Dr. Singh in his previous avtar as Finance Minister had, asserting special reasons, subjected the Country to the GATT, behind the back of the people of India, precipitating our transformation from democracy to plutocracy. In the congenial climate plutocracy has provided to them since then, the World Bank over and above individual imperialists has invested hugely and the country under persons like Dr. Singh has been so deficiently running that the public sector industries which are the only medium to earn for the people and pay back the foreign loans are being sold away to private individuals. Failure of the public sector sans any responsibility fixed and any way to their profit adopted is enough evidence of failure of the country. Suppose the foreign investors move the International Court with the plea that the administration of India should be left to them till at least they get back their money as Indian administrative system, corrupt and incompetent as it is, could no more be relied upon in the matter of recovery of their investment; and the court decides in their favor, what will happen? I suspect, Dr. Singh or his likes in power by that time, will agree and Indian bureaucracy lead by IAS officers, under whose stewardship our administration has ruined our country while black money accumulation in few hands phenomenally rises day by day, will welcome the decision. To support these saboteurs at that time, the laws for handing over our administration to foreigners must be kept ready. And, who can say that the Sub-clause (3) of clause 10 of the proposed Public Service Bill, 2006 is not meant for that?

This is a serious mischief contemplated against the country.

Under no circumstances we can allow this mischief gets approved as a Law.

When the people of Bhopal were hit by Gas tragedy and many suspected the explosion to be a testing of chemical weapon, Arjun Singh, now the HRD minister in Dr. Singh’s cabinet, as chief minister then of Madhya Pradesh, had helped Anderson to escape from custody of Law and was rewarded by Rajiv Gandhi with position of a governor till agitation in his home state subsides. Anderson, after the escapement, had assured the share-holders of Union Carbide that every body who would guard their interest in India was in appropriate position and hence they had no reason to be apprehensive. And, as we know, Union Carbide is not punished.

From this saddening experience, if we look at the proposed Public Service Bill, we may apprehend that the vested-interest foreigner do not now like to have their Indian agents in appropriate public positions, but want their men from their own soil to occupy public positions in India so that they rule over us.

From the Objective of the proposed Bill, it transpires, “Hon’ble Prime Minister has emphasized the need to have a comprehensive Public Service Law/Act, which would be an umbrella Act to cover the numerous rules/regulations enacted earlier. Pursuant to this, the Central Government has drafted a Public Services Bill, 2006 which would provide a statutory basis for the regulation of Public Services in India”. This is while maintaining, “The Article 309 of the Constitution of India lays down that Acts of the appropriate Legislature may regulate the recruitment and conditions of service of persons appointed to Public Services and posts in connection with the affairs of the Union or of any State”. The objective goes on saying that the proposed Bill is drafted as, “till date, no comprehensive Public Service Law has been enacted except the All India Services Act, 1951 which has a limited application”. So the provision to appoint foreigners to public service posts in India as and when government decides is as emphasized by the Prime Minister.

He must therefore now publicly explain as to why it has occurred that the country’s administration in any sphere can be put under control of any person who is not a citizen of India. We as a nation cannot tolerate to be administered by foreigners.

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