With a golden dream to reach Oriyas through out the Country, Orissa’s Academy of Letters, Orissa Sahitya Academy (OSA) commences today its golden jubilee with an avowed aim to bring to lime light unnoticed authors of rural Orissa.

When the Sun shall be starting his campaign for awakening the other part of the glove, the OSA agendas for the next twelve months would start shining from Bhanja Kala Mandap, the auditorium dedicated to the immortal Lord of Letters Kavi Samrat Upendra Bhanja, in the campus of the Academy.

The agendas include compilation of post-independence Oriya Novels, Short Stories, Essays, Poetries as well as Translation works of representative type authored by writers of Orissa to be published in fifty volumes matching the number of springs the Academy has spent in cause of Oriya literature since 1957.

The Jubilee celebrations shall be observed in all the thirty districts of the State through out the year even as the Oriya speaking tracks in neighboring Provinces of West Bengal, Jhadkhand, Chhatisgarh and Andhra Pradesh would be involved in its programs. It would also draw in cities like Delhi, Surat, Bangalore and Kolkata where Oriya speaking peoples are quite big in numbers, for participation in the jubilee celebrations.

A comprehensive history of Oriya Literature as well as of the Academy would also be brought out, says academician and eminent poet Dr. H. P.Parichha Pattnaik, who has taken over as Secretary of the Academy on 4th September. (SCP)

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