Er. Nagendranath Mahapatra

Electricity is a form of energy the ultimate nature of which is unknown.

Electrical Power is endowed with a few strange/ peculiar characteristics. It cannot be seen/visualized. It cannot be stored/warehoused. It can not be measured by conventional Measuring units in Kg, Ltr, Mtr etc. but its parameters like Voltage, Current, Active and Reactive power etc. can be measured in appropriate measuring Unit in an operating band of –106 to + 1012 .

It is indistinguishable as to which type of power is being used at any point of time whether Hydro, Thermal, Nuclear and Renewable energy as it cannot be segregated.

It flows as per Laws of Physics and follows path of least resistance.

Its availability and demand vary every second. The buyer has no control over what the trader supplies and the trader has no control over what the buyer draws from the inevitable Power Pool. Electrical Power is thus a Unique Product.

Go from here to a very enlightening analysis by one of the most brilliant power engineers and consultants of India.

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