Murderous assault on low-paid employee Ramesh Sethi in the residential compound of Sarangi couple occupying senior echelons in IAS has irritated government employees in the lowest category of Class IV to the extent of warning the Chief Minister that they will never tolerate if any attempt to hush up the crime is encouraged.

They suspect hushing up attempts on two grounds: (1) even though the murderous assault was perpetrated behind his residential privacy and Sri Ardhendu Sarangi had taken Sethi in unconscious condition to the Capital Hospital, neither he nor his wife Madhur has informed the Police of this and (2) a persona nongrata has submitted information at a very belated stage before the police projecting another nonentity as the possible assaulter.

Attempts to have investigation into the matter through the Chief Secretary of IAS fraternity notwithstanding no fitment of him in the criminal justice system is another factor of suspicion that an attempt to hush up the crime by overawing police investigators is on the anvil.(SCP)

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