Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

People of Orissa are always committed to creativity. They had collectively contributed to creation of Konarka for long twelve years and look at any temple on this splendid soil; you shall find how collectively the people of Orissa have stood with creativity.

Collection of Rs. 16.18 lakhs in the first episode of a chain of events that the entertainment artists of Orissa have coined to raise funds towards defraying the cost of treatment of Actor-Director Hara Pattanaik, under medical care for blood cancer reaffirms this particular character of Orissa.

People (mostly) of Cuttack city have used the event organized in the Indoor Stadium at Barabati Fort complex at the evening of May 25 to put their cash contributions to the noble fund.

Even the State Unit of the Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Association of India (CREDAI) now having it exhibition on life style at Bhubaneswar has responded to an appeal by actress Anu Chaudhury and actor Anubhav with instant collection of cash contribution of Rs.0. 41lakh and extended its support to collection of further contributions in the noble cause for which the exhibition organizers have earmarked a stall in Hanger-1 where participants as well as visitors can materialize their solidarity with the creative actor by depositing their cash contributions for his treatment.

Every Oriya that comes to our attention looks like emotionally one with Pattnaik in his heroic fight against the dreaded disease.

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