Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Its negligence to house the IIT exposed, the Navin Patnaik Government has started using different tentacles to escape.

The IIT allotted to Orissa as per endorsement of National Development Council is to commence its breaths on the soil of West Bengal in the campus of IIT, Kharagpur as Navin administration busy in promoting Anil Agrawal’s Vedant University has failed to provide it with necessary housing.

The Central Government had made it clear that “actual establishment” of the IIT would depend on prompt allotment of land by the State Government. The State Government has neglected in allocation of the land. Whether or not this negligence is deliberate to help monopoly emergence of Anil Agrawal in the IT sector for which Navin is so blindly pressing his Government depends on vigilance of the people.

But the way Navin has started using his tentacles to escape responsibility for non-commencement of the IIT is curious.

Industry minister Biswabhusan Harichandan has come forward to allege in the Press that the Government can afford buildings for the IIT to start. So, he is at a loss to understand as to why the classes should start at Kharagpur. But BJD secretary Damodar Raut who, eager to get back a cabinet berth, is ready to go to any extent in coming to Navin’s rescue, has gone a step ahead and alleged that the decision to establish Orissa IIT before allocation of land and to start it at Kharagpur is a political game planned against the State by the UPA Government.

The cover up exercise is really amusing.

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