Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Most of Indians are crying sans any escape because of the unprecedented hike in oil price. Lest this helplessness transforms into wrath in the ballot boxes in the coming elections, the speaking mask of Congress hypocrisy, Sonia Gandhi, has asked the State Governments run by her Subedars to lessen the burden of the hike on the peoples of their respective States by reducing provincial sales tax on oil under their jurisdictions.

We have marked Man Mohan Singh’s meretricious tears when he was trying to be stoical while saying the nation that though he knew that the hike would certainly badly affect the people, he had no other way to mitigate the losses oil companies in India were facing in view of price rise in international arena.

But why Murli Deora, Indian Minister of Petroleum, was so effusively laughing while going to tell the Press of the hike? Was he laughing at the misfortune of the people of India? Or was he inadvertently reflecting the laughs elsewhere efflorescing? Should the real reasons of his laugh be known, the real reasons of hike in gasoline price could also be known.

But India is a country where the peoples do not know where the shoe pinches.

The peoples could not know why Sonia Gandhi, the most material witness to Indira Gandhi’s last breath was not interrogated in the matter of what had she seen in Indira’s murder.

They could not know why Rajiv Gandhi rewarded R.K.Dhawan by appointing him to the most powerful position in his regime, instead of punishing him after the Judicial Commission enquiring into the Indira’s assassination had unambiguously observed that the needle of suspicion was strongly pointing at him only.

They could not know why Man Mohan Singh in his earlier avatar of RBI Chief had allowed BCCI to open a branch at Mumbai in spite of strong objections from India’s external intelligence agency RAW on the ground of its suspected role as a conduit of ISI, CIA in nefarious deals like drug money laundering and terrorist funding etc.

They could not know why Vajpayee disregarded all democratic norms to retain George Fernandez as Defense Minister after reinstating him in the same position that he had relinquished on threadbare exposure of dubious defense deals.

They could not know wherefrom Vajpayee’s blue-eyed boy Pramod Mahajan, a whole time saffron worker with scant source of income, had amassed more than two thousand crores of Rupees by the time a family internecine attempt to grab portions of that illicit money extinguished his life in his brother’s barrel.

They could not know why Man Mohan Singh government ordered public prosecutor Lilian Delgado, India’s lawyer in the case seeking extradition of Ottavio Quattrocchi, to withdraw the appeal it had preferred in the Supreme Court of Argentina against the lower court order and thereby set him free.

They could not know why the CBI kept mum when Sten Lindstrom, chief Swedish investigator in the Bofors case revealed that it had met him “for just 20 minutes in 20 years” while summing up his impression in words like, “the CBI was just fooling the Indian people all this while”.

They could not know why the government kept mum when explaining as to why the CBI is unable to catch Quattrocchi, former CBI Joint Director BR Lal said, “the government is who controls the CBI. Now a servant can’t go against the master.”

Lal’s statement being a stark indicator to involvement of Prime Ministers from V.P.Singh to A.B.Vajpayee to Man Mohan Singh in covering up the offence against India by the so-called Gandhi Parivar and Quattrocchi, the peoples of this country could not as yet know as to why these Prime Ministers from V.P.Singh to Man Mohan Singh have tried to cover up the offence.

In such a country where traitors get all protection, who can know and how, why Murli Deora was in effusive laughs when he was going to announce the worst ever hike in petrol price?

A report in the global edition of New York Times, International Herald Tribune, says, citing to “the most recent figures from the U.S. Department of Energy” that Gasoline prices varying across India, consumers will pay about 50 rupees a liter or about $4.45 a gallon – well above the average $3.79 a gallon average that U.S. drivers are paying. So, people in poorer India are to pay more to the profit coffers of petrol companies than what the consumers in the rich country USA are paying!

When people in USA think that price of oil hike is due to war, PM Singh wants Indians to believe that the hike is because of “global” hike in price!

It cannot be ruled out that a few oil monopolists in Saudi and their business partners in USA are eyeing for even more profits. They just do it gradually as governments like that in India are not reluctant to financially cripple their own countrymen in order to pave ways for companies to fetch more profit as per their own designs.

But the real truth can come out if petroleum minister Murli Deora tells us honestly as to why he was so effusively laughing when his announcement of oil price hike was sure to push every honest Indian into financial perils; if, of course he was not laughing at India’s commons.

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