Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Those who do not want to defend themselves must perish. Those, who instead of defending their rights harp on relief from outside at times of disasters, deserve to be left to perish.

It is disgusting to see our people begging for relief and our government granting them relief for three days, and in special cases for a day or two more as a special grace, as if the scoundrels are giving the help from their personal pockets.

The deluge Balasore and adjoining areas are trying to survive is not a natural calamity; it is caused by non-maintenance of embankments. It is caused, to say more appropriately, by corruption in maintenance of embankments. It is caused, to say the least, by lack of concern for the people in Navin Patnaik’s scheme of administration.

Like his father Biju, this man is an udan-chhu and is so very anti-people that he has kept his government busy in oppressing our people in order only to pave ways for non-Oriya industrialists to exploit Orissa.

The yet unpunished conduct of Dhenkanal Collector in terrifying our people and his rowdy manners publicly displayed in his attempt to cow down Member of Parliament Rudra Pani last week as he protested against oppression of the local inhabitants by the goons engaged by Vedanta industries on its site, is an instance to cite in this respect.

Navin is continuing to ruin Orissa because the people have wanted him to continue as chief minister.

According to an Oriya maxim, “A prostitute has no choice about the size of the male organ.” (“Darire nama lekhaile saru mota baribara adhikar nahin”) So, even if deluged, the people have now no choice.

If the people had no hesitation to embrace Navin, more sadly if they could reelect him despite his first phase being devastative to Orissa, and if they do not stand with the people who are fighting to save the State from the current misrule, if they have no inclination to protect their own interest from the schemes of exploitation, if they have failed to remain vigilant and to compel the government to maintain the embankments and to keep the estuaries clean for free flow of deluge into the seas, let them realize that they perish because of their own follies.

It is time the people must be told – defend your rights or perish.

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