Experiencing Lord Jagannath with ‘ETV News’ in Net

A thirty episode special initiative styled ‘Jeebana Jagannath‘ aimed at presenting Lord Jagannath and ‘Ratha Yatra’ both in historical and mythological perspectives while juxtaposing them with rituals and traditions as conceived by ‘ETV Oriya News’ is also in internet since June 18, 2008 and with an episode a day it will continue till July 17.

Available to the viewer daily at 7 A.M. in its ‘Aamari Odisha’ newscast program, this special treat is perceived to project special features on Lord Jagannath and His Ratha Yatra and the Culture that centers around Him as well as reports on the ancient Jagannath temples of the state and comprehensive stories on Ratha Yatra celebration at various parts of the country. The program covers the period from ‘Snana Yatra’ (ceremonial bath of the deities) to ‘Niladri Bije’ (return of the deities to the Sreemandir).

It may be noted that ‘ETV News’ has also been carrying special reports on Ratha Yatra celebrated at overseas locations like America, Bangladesh and many other places. This has been a regular feature at ETV over the last 3 years.

This year, it has gone a step ahead by making the daily feature (as telecast in Oriya News) available on web for the global audience for thirty days at the rate of one story a day. More than thirty capsules are ready for this, says Nilambar Rath, News Coordinator, ETV News- Oriya Network. They are conceived to depict how the deity leads a normal human life akin to life led by Oriya commons. And, the language used is “none other than Oriya language”.

And, in doing this, ETV Oriya becomes the first television channel in the world to air the month long special program on Ratha Yatra of Lord Jagannath in its totality as in vogue.

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