Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Private property-holders prosper by exploiting the working class. But Orissa has a government that is anti-worker and a habitual contravener of labor laws.

The tortured employees of Orissa State Guest House at Bhubaneswar have stripped the meretricious Chief Minister layer by layer in the demonstration and sitting-in strike they resorted to on January 31 in their attempt to attract attention to their plight.

The State Government is using them as bonded labor without paying any compensation against work they are being compelled to do on holidays.

The Chief Minister has hoodwinked them by making them believe that he has issued instructions to the Finance minister to provide for compensatory wages against work on holidays. But, had he been honest, his instructions to the FM could never have been left abandoned since two years, they said.

The conduct of Navin Patnaik government in this instance is clearly anti-worker. Denial of paid holidays is prohibited under the labor laws. It is a clear case of denial of paid holidays. The Government is guilty of contravention of the Minimum Wages Act in the minimum.

The State Guest House is the official house where very important visitors whom the State Government declares, under the protocol, as official guests of the State are entertained with accommodation and hospitality.

To all the guests the day became a day of discomfort due to the strike. But to all of them it was a shock to see how the Government has been contravening the labor laws in the official institution.

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