Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Anxious to show the peoples of Orissa that it is ready for the approaching elections, the Orissa Unit of the Congress Party had its “extended” executive meeting under the newly “appointed” Presidium headed by K.P.Singhdeo in the Congress Bhawan at Bhubaneswar on January 31. But at the end of it, came the display of its design against democracy.

KP kept it on records that there would be no projection of any one of the party as the prospective Chief Minister during the elections. If the party fetches majority, Smt. Sonia Gandhi would decide as to who should head the Government.

The first part of KP’s statement is ethically correct. The peoples should not support any individual projected as the CM. They should cast their votes in support of a manifesto. But the second part of his statement is notoriously anti-democracy.

Peoples of Orissa are to elect their representatives to the Assembly who, in their turn, if clubbed into a majority, should elect their leader for the CM post. But the Congress has no qualms in expressing contempt against democracy. A combine of sycophants of Sonia, who to these fellows is the supreme owner of their destiny, the Congress is determined to deny Orissa Legislators that right.

What a farce of democracy that the Congress is eager to enact!

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