Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Congress, the party of American lobbyists, emerges also as a party of the bitterest contradiction in Orissa.

By humiliating Jayadev Jena who as its State unit chief had given his entire time for so many years to keep the discredited party alive, the lady autocrat of the Congress has made it clear that to her any leader of the party cannot be anything other than a mere political factotum.

One, who has watched how the Congress has functioned in Orissa all these years, can certainly say that Jena had been trying his best to resurrect the party and was no doubt the only untiring worker who had reached every nook and corner to stand instantly and solidly with the people fighting Navin misrule. Were the Congress having the slightest component of organizational democracy, Jena should have been rewarded; but he was to be jettisoned so unceremoniously!


Is it because he belongs to the born poor segment? One cannot say for sure, ‘no’. The cosmetic make up resorted to in replacing J.B.Pattnaik not with an equally astute, able and rich legislator such as Narasingh Mishra but with one from the forlorn segment, Ramchandra Ullaka, is definitely an indicator to this modus operandi. Had Jena not been replaced with born rich K.P.Singhdeo, Ullaka could never have been “appointed” to replace JB.

In replacing Jena with KP, the lady autocrat has transmitted the message unmistakably that she stands for the rich and the rich should rely upon her factotums.

This message was necessitated after a section of corporate giants dared to publicly express their preference for a man like Narendra Modi for the coveted post of the Prime Minister.

Secondly, it was necessitated to divert the neo-rich of Orissa from BJP to her own fold by assuring them that with KP as its new mask, the Congress would, more ably than earlier, act as their loyal guard in the State.

For a party that is not yet totally rejected in Orissa because of the dalit segments’ support, which during Indira days it had cultivated, the KP phase will expedite extinction notwithstanding how much meretricious tears the lady sheds for the downtrodden.

The trend has begun with tested members resigning in protest.

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