Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

She was not an Oriya by birth. But Orissa will always remember her with affection and pride.

Gyana Patnaik, wife of Biju Patnaik has passed away leaving behind her two sons, Prem and Navin and daughter Gita and innumerable peoples of Orissa who love and admire her.

People of Orissa admired Biju Patnaik only because of his courage.

With pride they talk of how courageously he had airlifted Sultan Sjharir and Sukarno of Indonesia from Jakarta to New Delhi and thereby had helped Indonesia in the most crucial phase of her fight for freedom.

They feel proud also of Gyana Patnaik, as it is she who had dared the sky in giving company to her husband in that epoch making flight that had charged the entire world with the ecstasy of courage.

If Biju Patnaik was the hero of that historic event, Gyana Patnaik was the heroin par excellence.

She was so far the only woman in whole of the world to have added strength to such a daredevilry of her husband that created history the like of which will never occur again.

Orissa will remain proud of her forever and we will always remember her with reverence when fight for eliminating any design of any nation to subjugate any people anywhere in the world would inspire peoples to wake up.

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