Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Alliance between BJD and BJP has collapsed. Suffocated by BJD’s insatiable thirst for power, BJP has withdrawn its members from the cabinet and informed the Governor of this position.

It is now the constitutional duty of the Governor to ask Navin to quit.

Navin is no doubt the leader of the largest party in the Assembly. But he was not appointed by the Governor as Chief Minister on the basis of his status as the BJD leader, but was invited to form the ministry only as the leader of BJD-BJP alliance to which the peoples of Orissa had offered their support.

This being the basis of Navin’s chief-ministership, when the alliance has now broken, he cannot be retained as the Chief minister for a day. There can never be any legal justification for the Governor to keep him under his pleasure.

So Navin must go.

The Governor should not make any delay on it.

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