Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Navin Patnaik should quit the Chief Minister post simply because he was in this post as the leader of a pre-election coalition that has now collapsed.

His continuation in office would be illogical, immoral, imprudent and illegal.

If he does not resign on his own accord, the Governor should dismiss him on the ground that termination of the coalition has automatically terminated his position as leader of the coalition. He was the CM in the capacity of the leader of the coalition. When the coalition is dead, navin has no capacity to be treated as head of the coalition. So he is no more entitled to continue as the CM.

The only legal act that is bound to take place in this context is resignation or dismissal of Navin Patnaik from the post of the chief Minister.

To retain him in this post for a moment would be disregard of democracy on part of the Governor.

But the Governor can appoint him as the CM again within minutes after accepting his resignation or dropping him from the CM post. The Governor can even proceed to appoint the members of his cabinet under advice of Navin after he is appointed afresh as the CM.

The Governor ought to know that anything other than this will be illegal and anti-democracy.

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