By Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Election results are now known. We had earlier noted that it would be a Hobson’s choice. Whomsoever the peoples could have elected were to be agents of plutocracy as there was not any party of the proletariats in the fray. And that has happened.

Congress has oppressed freethinking patriots of this country so overwhelmingly that the media had been addressing Rahul Gandhi as “Prince” when not a single man or woman of that party was able to dare to differ! Obviously Congress has supported Rahul’s emergence as prince!

And Rahul’s mother, who by designation is its President; but by practice is its autocrat, runs the Congress. And to this party, peoples of our country have given the majority!

What next!

A couple of days ahead of the final phase of the polls, the National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganized Sector has reported that 836 million people, comprising 75 percent of India, live on less than Rs. 20 a day! This is the condition to which India has been dragged into ever since Manmohan Singh’s economic policy has derailed India’s constitutional pledge. But, Singh can now say that the peoples of India have endorsed his policy!

One aspect of how the agents of the rich have bagged the votes can be easily read if we read Orissa.

To the helpless, starving peoples, just before the elections, Navin Patnaik in Orissa had bribed with official supply of rice at Rs. 2 a Kg. And the advertisement flow that the Congress flooded the media with, went on to claim that Manmohn Singh government’s contribution to cheap rice for poor peoples was Rs.11 per Kg! Poll results show that cheap rice has helped these two fellows grab the poor peoples’ vote.

Had the peoples been educated on why are they so poor, neither Navin nor Manmhan could have dared to seek votes. But there was no political education.

Media has been taken over by the rich and luxury addicts. Peoples did not get and will never get political education from media.

With media in the pockets of the rich, the poor peoples have no escape from being misguided into the traps of the rich. This election testifies that.

It is the Communists who could have stood with the toiling millions, who could have saved our peoples. But they conveniently forgot Marxism and went on confusing the common man in the name of secularism.
Resultantly, there was no issue in the election.

Communalism or the so-called secularism cannot be electoral issues. They are social phenomena. If they revolve around religions, no religion has any political economy. There cannot be an electoral issue if unless political economy constitutes its base. The recently determined quantity of 75 percent of India living on only Rs.20 a day is not caused by communalism or secularism. It is caused by capitalism that Manmohan Singh and the likes like Navin Patnaik have promulgated in the country. Communists, who profess the opposite creed, i.e. socialism, could have made it the electoral issue. Manmohan Singh and the Congress party sabotaged India and subjugated her to American hegemony by signing the nuke deal. The Communists had made a historic attempt to obstruct that. Manmohan Singh had survived through horse-trading Whether or not the nuke deal was anti-Indian could have been made an electoral issue. Communists could have done it. But they failed. They remained so obsessed with communalism that they failed to act as Communists in the entire election.

What has happened? Peoples, sans political education, bereft of issues to stand with or refuse, have acted on bribes.

Plutocracy has taken over India.

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