Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Diwali practically is a festival of profit and profit is dependent on the art of fetching. I am averse to this art. Hence I fail to understand how to respond to the Diwali greetings I am getting.

Kali Pooja is different. Oriyas pay fire salutes to their ancestors, specifically to their beloved Gurudev Buddha, invoked as Badabadua, in front of Sri Mandira at Puri, abode of Sri Jagannatha, who Buddha is known as, and when unable to offer the salute at Puri, in their respective homes with bundles of Kaunria Kathi in blaze.

Habitually it is being done, though in the past it was purposeful.

I recommend my essay of October 28, 2008 on this subject as I feel it is necessary even today for new comers to know why the fire salute is given to Badabadua in front of Sri Mandira and in traditional Oriya homes.

Here is the link.

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