Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

One year ago on November 26, India had to face bloody terrorists from Pakistan at Mumbai. In different parts of the country different persons and organizations are observing the first anniversary of this nasty day in lighting candles in honor of victims of the terror strike and in organizing human catenae to symbolize their solidarity with the people against terrorism. Members in the Parliament have, at commencement of the day, paid homage to victims of 26/11 by standing up in silence for two minutes.

It would be wrong to describe this “anniversary” observance as an instance of how much we Indians are capable of making a farce of our patriotism.

But why are we as a nation so passive in our reaction?

We have Governments that have confused us in the matter of terrorist threats by concentrating more on projecting the opponents of exploitation as the terrorist and pressing military might to extinguish them in a style that has the mischief to dilute the definition of terrorism. The active leftists, whom the usurpers of political power have been branding as terrorists, are the persons that the exploited, wretchedly poor and helpless population, forming the majority in our country, look at as their redeemers. Instead of preserving the word “terrorist” for perpetrators of cross border terrorism, the right-wingers in power have consistently used the term for the left ultras. As left ultras enjoy political credibility because of being the strongest opponents of exploitation, the word “terrorist” as their official epithet has gained such credentials that it has lost the reason to be looked upon as a word to be despised. Most of India’s socio-political thinkers have not yet cogitated upon this point. Unless we drop the word “terrorist” from use against the left ultras, the cross-border terrorists may also be mistaken as opponents of exploitation.

November 26 calls for application of alert collective mind to this aspect. We shall have to stop use of the word “terrorist” and use of uniformed forces of the country against left-ultras if we are serious on concentration against real terrorists such as those that shocked our nation on this day last year.

But this would not be enough. We are to find out who provided the Pak terrorists the environment they needed to strike like they did in Mumbai.

It is well on records that the USA was funding and instigating Pakistan to mount terrorist attacks on India. Their Home Department Documents bear rampant evidences. But our Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh is a strong ally of USA. And, when he was the Chief of our Reserve Bank, an USA pampered Pakistani Bank called BCCI, known as the Bank of Pakistani terror-funding, had bagged RBI cooperation to spread its tentacles in India in stark disregard to warnings from our country’s main external intelligence agency RAW (Research and Analysis Wing).

Even as this Bank was unmasked by USA Congressional investigations and was banned in different countries, its activities went on uninterrupted in India and then as the Union Finance Minister Dr. Singh had tried to shield it from public knowledge. Even the parliament of India was hoodwinked.

People should have the details of this sordid scenario through publication of all reports and discussions on BCCI vis-à-vis the records of USA role in instigating Pakistan against India to the extent the government knows with explanation thereto, if any, so that the real masterminds behind the creation of environment for 26/11 attack on India could be known.

The motion regarding collapse of BCCI had to collapse under a secret pact of the Congress party with the BJP, as its stalwart Jaswant Singh who had moved the motion. However, as the debate was abruptly ending, Dr. Singh had told the House that he would look into the matter afresh.

“Whatever has been said on the floor of this House I would transmit to the Reserve Bank, to our intelligence agencies. I may also inform the House that I have appointed, rather the Reserve Bank have appointed M/s. Billimoria and Company to do a comprehensive audit of the activities of the Bombay branch (of BCCI) right from the date of its inception”, he had then said.

What did report Billimoria and company? Why Dr. Singh has not revealed that to the nation so far? Why should we not look at him with suspicion, when we know the USA link with Paki terrorism and how imitable is USA to Dr. Singh?

It is time; we should be serious about the background of 26/11 and the environment of terrorism that our motherland is subjected to.

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