Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Orissa has fallen in so rotten hands that the Assembly has been made to make farce of itself.

When necessary discussions on demands of majority of the administrative departments were gagged under the guillotine expressedly because of paucity of time, the session has been closed by the Speaker before 14 days of its schedule as the Government claimed that there was no business to transact.

What more shame for democracy is possible than a Government’s declaration that it is not able to place before the Assembly any business to transact?

More shameful is that the Opposition has taken the House to its occupation and is raping the Rules of the Assembly in its own Hall ever since the Session was abruptly aborted and the Government is so confused that it is unable to retrieve the dignity of the rampart of democracy.

Is it not time to terminate this Government that has thrown the Assembly into anarchy and taken the State for a ride?

President of India is visiting Orissa from tomorrow. She is not an engine of democracy to be ignited. She is a living person with all the abilities to understand how democracy is running. After agreeing to accept the responsibility, she has been administered with the Oath of Office to save democracy from all possible derangement. So when in Orissa, it would be her legitimate duty to look into working of democracy in the State. If she discharges this duty, she will see how and under what circumstances the Opposition has kept the Assembly under occupation and then it would be her legitimate right to set right the wrong done by the Orissa Government to the Assembly of Orissa. She will have no necessity to have a report from the Governor as the atrophy of democracy would come to her direct observation.

Then she should cogitate the question raised in the preceding paragraph. Otherwise her visit to Orissa, to her heritages like Konark and Puri, would remain to be remembered as a jaunt that a President of India is capable of enjoying.

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