Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh is now known for two things: (1) inaction against price rise and (2) action against Naxalites.

Price rise in health service sector had given birth to Naxalism. Price rise in essential commodities has kept alive Naxalism. Were there no price rise there would have no Naxalite in India.

Price rise is what exploitation is.

Every exploiter finds his / her enemy in the Naxalites. Pressing state power against Naxals is using state power in support of the exploiters. The PM is expected not to support the exploiters; but he is aggressively against the Naxals!

As consumers Indians are severely jeopardized by Price rise. The Country had developed a practice of studying Consumer Price Index to equip administration with analyzed instruments to save consumers from price rise.

But in Singh’s style of administration the Index is not being used to curb price rise. It is being used to sumptuously enhance dearness allowance of government servants to enhance their purchasing power and to equip them with funds to go for costly consumer goods. This is helping price rise getting increased from high to higher. The trading class is easily making massive profit, but the majority mass of the country comprising the landless laborers, marginal farmers, industrial workers and unemployed persons is left in the labyrinth of wretchedness. Majority of Indians is in slow starvation, unable as the commons are to meet the price rise. This abject wretchedness is giving birth to corruption in the grassroots and vitiating the base of India with stark opportunism that man’s survival instinct is bound to bring about.

Whether the PM has understood this or not is not material. Let him understand that human society is a living collective that is bound to oppose oppression. Price rise is a slow killing form of oppression. Man’s opposition to this oppression cannot be extinguished. Hence, instead of steering administration to extinguishment of Naxals, it would be better for the PM to halt oppression by bringing down price rise as soon as possible.

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