Prasanta Patnaik’s ‘RAVAN PODI’ Launched Together With Mrs. Patnaik’s ‘SWARA MAYA’

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Authors in Orissa enrich Oriya literature everyday. But not everyday a couple makes its contribution to literature together. Eminent journalist Prasanta Patnaik and his wife Prof. Chandraprava Patnaik, on the day of their 43rd marriage anniversary on January 23 have done this to the best of pleasure of their admirers and reading public.

Prasanta babu’s Ravan Podi is a compilation of his short stories depicting life in contemporary times that he, as a journalist, has watched whereas Mrs. Patnaik’s Swara Maya is a collection of her poems that depict romance of tear and laughter in female life. Prof. Dr. Soubhagya Kumar Mishra and Vice-chancellor of Ravenshaw University, Debdas Chhotray, both poets and lyricists of eminence, launched the books, brought out by Associated Media Foundation.

Many a prominent persons attended the lively function at Hotel Keshari, Bhubaneswar, where Dr. Rangadhar Sahu delivered critical appreciation on both the works.

When welcome speech was delivered by journalist Bauribandhu Moharana on behalf of the Foundation, its secretary Puspaja Dhal proposed the vote of Thanks.

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