The Prime Minister Should Also Say

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh has described the Maoist uprising as ‘the biggest internal threat ever faced by India’. When we appreciate his genuine concern for the country, we also feel that he should make it clear as to which one could be considered a lesser threat.

I was unable to attend to my work since the last posting here as my doctor was not able to quickly tackle the physical torture that I was forced into after taking a medicine under prescription. Was the medicine spurious? My doctor could not say ‘no’ for sure; but tried to help me with its antidote and I took so much time to get rid of the debacle.

I suspect that the medicine administered on me was spurious; because Orissa is under flood of spurious medicines and the racket is so invincible that despite a fake medicine factory busted at Kantabanji in Bolangir district in 2007, the culprits are not yet punished.

Is the spurious medicine racket a lesser threat?

The reports of Comptroller and Auditor General of India are full of how public exchequer is misappropriated. Loot of public exchequer should be treated as crime against the Country. But no such looter has ever been prosecuted for such crime. This is simply because these looters have their godfathers in politicians in power.

Do these looters constitute a lesser threat?

Black-market operators, profiteers, share-swindlers and contractors have formed the new rich class of India by hijacking the benefits available to people under welfare schemes. Rajiv Gandhi, whose protégé the incumbent PM is, had to admit that 85 percent of welfare funds never reach the poor beneficiaries.

Do these hijackers of welfare schemes pose lesser threat?

We Indians get currency notes worth Rs.500 or 1000 from the Bank counters or ATMs. But when we present the same currency notes in another counter of the same Bank or any other Bank or any shop or commercial point in exchange of any article purchased or any service availed, we get forced into the unbearable ignominy of being suspected of presenting fake notes!

Do the fellows that have ruined the credibility of Indian Currency constitute lesser threat?

Consumer items, specifically cereals and vegetables produced in the country’s soil are available in plenty. It never happens that a consumer goes to the market but comes back empty-handed as the goods are not available. Goods are available; but most of the consumers fail to purchase them as financially they are too weak to defray the cost. When markets are full of commodities, there is no justification in rise of price. But price-rise ruins the people because fellows in power support the profiteers.

Do the servers and supporters of the political econoy that has given birth to the environment of price rise form lesser threat?

The spirit of Indian freedom is killed when the country is subjected to foreign industrial interest.

Singh should say if the killers of the spirit of Indian independence should be treated as better than the Maoists.

Killing of man in the name of political economy is bad. But killing the purpose and the spirit of Indian independence is the worst.

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