Governor’s Address Greeted with Opposition Boycott

Even as Orissa Government indulged in self-glorification under the guise of the Governor’s speech, the Leader of Opposition in Orissa Assembly Mr. Bhupinder Singh led his party in boycotting its delivery on March 8, alleging that it would be an insult to democracy to entertain the ‘fake story’ that the corrupt and incompetent Government wants to put on records as genuine through the lips of the constitutional convener of the session.

As the Governor stood to address the opening day of the budget session, Mr. Singh requested him not to read out the speech prepared by the dishonest Government.

Recalling how the Governor himself around a week ago had reprimanded the state administration for blatant failure in utilization of welfare funds granted by the central authorities, Mr Singh wondered if it would be proper for the same Governor to mislead the Assembly with the rosy picture prepared by the perpetrators of misrule.

As the Governor went on reading out the speech, dragging into climax the congress protests, Singh led his team out of the hall registering the boycott.

His colleague Santosh Singh Saluja tore apart the speech-booklet before joining the walk-out.

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