Assembly Closes the Session sans Concern for Victims of Misrule

The Assembly begins on a day to close its business also on a day. So beginning and ending of a session is normal.

But it cannot be said to be normal when there is lack of concern for victims of maladministration that chose the street in front of an Assembly seeking action against misrule of a Government it controls.

Our staff photographer Laxmiprasad Pattanayak has captured a few of the congregations of the victims of maladministration that were there in expectation of their protest attracting the attention of the Orissa Assembly that closed its current chapter of the session on budget without any concern for the people symbolically represented by the demonstrators on the street when, on the other hand, the State police was eager to exceed the scorching Sun in harshness to dry up their voice.

Let them be looked at while brooding over whither are we going.

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