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Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukharjee has justified caste-based census.

Caste as a class is a weapon devised against India by USA as V.P.Singh episode suggests.

VP had vitiated Indian politics with caste poison by transforming caste syndrome to a class syndrome. In both Pranab and VP there is similarity in motive.

What must be the motive?

Let us go back to V.P.Singh days.

A US protégé from the start, Rajiv Gandhi gradually grew suspicious of US as, by virtue of being the Prime Minister, he eventually knew the nasty games it was playing against India. His removal was essential for US.

VP, then his Finance Minister, like a bolt from the blue, hurled the Bofors kickback allegation against him and the impact thereof was so severe that Rajiv had to relinquish office.

VP wore the Janata Dal attire and to gullible voters looked like the answer to Congress misrule. It was so clear that the Communists formed electoral alliance with him, which added to his prospects as a progressive leader.

But VP and his allies failed to get mandate to form the Government. They were to depend on BJP support from outside.

This was because, the bourgeoisie in Congress that were too embarrassed by Rajiv to continue with him but too anti-people to accept an alliance with the Communists, had switched their support to BJP and helped that party of Indian traders emerge as the national alternate to Congress with 88 members in the Loksabha, a record 44 fold rise in its strength.

This sudden rise of BJP had dislodged the strategy of US to grab India as its commercial grazing ground. So, BJP was to be obstructed.

How was that possible?

Let us look at BJP’s plan to power prevalent in those days.

It was based basically on Hindu unity. If Hindus could be united, there was no chance of preventing BJP from power on its own strength. And if BJP, the party of Indian traders, alone could occupy power, US agenda to grab Indian market was never to succeed. So BJP’s vote bank, the Hindu society was never to stay united, if BJP was to be obstructed from occupying power.

How could the Hindu society be divided?

Let us look at the Hindus.

Hindus are known for their caste system. Basically of four different castes they are fragmented by innumerable sub-castes; but, despite caste-apartheid, they supplement each other on trade and industry. Because of the caste system they are far away from class consciousness and lack of class consciousness keeps them united under the banner of their religion.

So a ‘class consciousness’ on caste basis was required to weaken their religious unity.

VP was ready to do this job and by promulgating Mandal commission formula on reservation to suit “caste-classes”; he patronized to backward “class” consciousness, which politically destroyed Hindu unity and ignited “class rivalry” amongst the castes.

Were this not happened, BJP, despite being the party of Indian hoarders, profiteers, commission agents and traders, could never have been stopped from occupying power in India by its own strength.

After VP, Manmohan Singh and Pranab Mukherhee were the principal stooges of USA that helped it establish her hegemony over India. Behind back of Indian people they signed the GATT agreement and ruined our national mana to such extent that the country has kept mum over sacrifice of her Resolve for socialism at the alter of American globalization and tolerated the Congress party that in nexus with US Whitehouse has provided a “bonanza” to US nuke traders by signing the nuclear deal designed to force India to purchase the rotten Reactors and nuclear waste that USA was not in a position to dispose off otherwise.

Knowing well that the Reactors and nuclear waste that India would procure from USA would be disastrous to India, the same Congress party of which Pranab is the leader in Loksabha and manmohan the prime Minister, is trying to protect American interest by making a specific Law styled Civil Liabilities for Nuclear Damage Bill, 2009 which it wants the parliament to pass come what may like the nuke deal bill was passed.

If this Bill is passed, on disasters sure to come, the suppliers in USA would go scot-free when all the liability would fall upon the Public Sector Undertaking – the Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) as Government enforced operator, in other words, which means, the tax-payers of India will pay for the damage the American nuke dealers would cause to our country.

Manmohan and Mukherjee et al fear that all the MPs are not traitors and hence, there may be unsurpassable opposition to this Bill.

How the obstacle to this pro-American Bill could be tackled?

Pranab Mukherjee and his likes know that the patriots in Parliament may not succeed in stopping this nasty Bill if caste-class chauvinists like the Yadavs that are in Opposition could be gained over in advance.

And, therefore, after moving for introduction of the Bill in March, sensing the stiffness of opposition it was to get in the Parliament, they tactfully shifted the introduction agenda to Monsoon Session, by which time, playing the caste card in census, they would have gained over loyalty of the Yadavs and their associates in Opposition, in order to pass the Nuclear Liability Bill.

So, Pranab’s statement in support of caste-based census is perhaps formulated in USA.

What is more dangerous to Indian democracy in Pranab’s design is his shrewd attempt to convince our people that the rule by foreigners is more beneficial than the practices in free India. He has stressed upon this by deliberately stating that the “caste-based census…..last conducted in the year 1931 … should have continued in post-Independence period also” As “it did not happen”, he asserted, “the UPA government has taken an initiative in this regard.”

Patriots, take note.

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