Ability to Misrule Makes a Larger Budget

When Finance Minister (FM) P.C.Ghadei placed before the State Cabinet the draft budget of Rs. 38,929 crore on Monday for the current plan of 2010-11, he also made it clear that there is no additional tax proposal even though the proposed budget is larger than that of the last year. In other words the proposed expenditure is not supported by matching increase in revenue income. But the Cabinet has approved it. Ability to misrule may make any mismatch manageable in financial management of the State.

For a clear picture of how the state is running, it may be noted that when the supplementary budget for last year was to the tune of 1328.08 crore, the amount surrendered by different departments including the ones handled by the CM at the end of the said year, as they failed to spend the same, was Rs. 1391.87 crore.

Sources indicate that there was sharp exchange of words between Ministers and Officers over failure to utilize the funds allocated last year. But collective ability to misrule silenced the rumblings and approved the larger budget.

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