Press To Publicly Condemn Atrocious Administration in Front of Orissa Assembly

Media persons united under the auspices of MUFP today have decided to stage a protest demonstration in front of the Assembly tomorrow in order to condemn publicly the atrocities they are being continuously subjected to by the Police personnel and their protected goons in Orissa, with a nonchalant government sitting mum over their collective protests against all such attacks.

The government’s willful silence over attacks on journalists has emboldened miscreants in uniform to such extent that a lady reporter of a TV major was publicly embarrassed by obnoxious attempts by a section of Jawans to cow down her when she was covering the car festival of Sri Jagannath at Bhubaneswar on July 13. When her accompanist cameraman protested against the unexpected misdeed, he was brutally thrashed down by the maniac men and his camera was broken to pieces. Around forty Jawans were involved in the attack from whom only two are arrested and the rest are untouched. The more sordid part of the offense is that the police that has apprehended two of the Jawans, has not yet touched the officer(s) in charge of command over the said Jawans on the spot.

In the circumstances, even as the media persons unanimously condemned today the obnoxious act of the uniformed men, they decided to demonstrate their protest tomorrow in front of the Assembly in session.

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