Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

On September 7,2004, in these pages, I had commented upon the mischief played against our democracy by certain media persons, under the caption: Free Press? Think Afresh.

I am happy, the first attempt I had made to focus on the mischief of mediacracy, is not lost. Alert journalists, howsoever marginal in number, are bringing out how mainstream media persons are piloting corruption in India.

Some of the recent attempts have exposed with documentary evidence how eminent journalist are acting as power brokers, political pimps, story planters and posts/position fixers. An instance is available at for a sample study.

Manmohan Singh and his team has pushed the country into doom where massive majority is perishing under unending poverty. True, there has risen the list of rich people. But, reports of CAG and CVC make it clear that the rise in the number of the rich is linked to looting of India under the new economic order Singh has ushered in.

Most of the political parties are combines of right viruses of the like of Singh, known for the epithet of left viruses he created for the opponents of his economic policy.

So majority of politicians, the right viruses, irrespective of different names and flags they use to identify their respective political entities, are one in looting the country and collaborating with the looters. Disinvestment during Vajpayee days or the unveiled felony in 2G Spectrum allocation under Manmohan Singh are speaking pointers to what extent the right viruses can eat away our national assets and damage our democracy.

Media was the last hope for survival of our sovereignty. Sadly, it is now so full of negotiators and lobbyists of the right viruses of all hue that one who belongs to journalism by profession and prides in his role as a journalist feels ashamed of being in the forth estate that has turned into a greasing ground of the black sheep.

It is time, thinking patriots must act to save the country from the right viruses and commission agents. Fight also against the black sheep in media is essential to save India.

Think, if you can, think for at least your future generations, please.

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