Orissa Assembly Talked Out into Adjournment on the Day of Commencement

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Orissa Assembly commenced its budget session today. But, soon after the State Governor started his customary speech, Opposition benches, specifically the Congress and the BJP raised the contaminated dal issue that after the governor’s speech rambled the day into adjournment.

Congress boycotted the Governor alleging that his speech prepared by the tainted government was devoid of reliability and was designed to mislead the people and therefore under its guise lies could not be entertained.

But, BJP adopted a different posture. It did not walk out, but tried to talk out. It did not allow the governor to proceed smoothly with his speech, Describing the misdeeds of the government including its supply of poisonous dal to innocent children and pregnant women, it went on reading out its charge-sheet against the government at par with the governor.

As the treasury bench proposed a vote of thanks to the governor for his speech, both the Congress and BJP raised anti-government and anti-corruption slogans that made the Speaker adjourn the day.

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