Revenue Minister Should Learn Not Be Irresponsible


Through a TV channel known as ruling party MP Baijayant Panda’s own, Revenue Minister Surya Narayan Patra told this evening that members of Opposition in Orissa Assembly deserve dismissal from the House for their unruly conduct. But, to their good luck, a gentleman like Naveen Patnaik is the Chief Minister and therefore they are not dismissed, said he.

Patra used the Khola Katha program of OTV to spew out his exhaust.

Leader of Opposition Bhupinder Singh, participating on the same platform was shocked that the State has a Revenue Minister who considers the Speaker subservient to the Chief Minister so much that he could have dismissed the Opposition members had the CM so desired.

Tomorrow when the Orissa Assembly resumes its budget session, what would be the day may be portended from the Revenue Minister’s aforesaid assertions.

Orissa needs serious legislative mind to extricate itself from the darkness she has been pushed into.

And, so, instead of acting agent provocateur, the Revenue Minister should better have learned how not to be irresponsible in dealing with matters that affect the Sate so seriously.

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