Tytler’s Visit was Meant to Suppress the Legislative Conscience of CLP Members


Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Jagdish Tytler’s visit to Orissa was not for reviving the provincial Congress unit lying in coma, but for helping Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik survive the storm over slow-poisoning of school going kids and carrying women that were, for years, heartlessly fed with poisonous split pulses across the State.

The pulse scandal had pushed Naveen into an unprecedentedly bitter political quagmire, with Debashish Nayak of his own party having exposed the savage crime. Nayak has alleged in the Assembly that he has received threats to his life because of this.

Last session of Orissa Legislative Assembly was entirely lost on the issue of chief-ministerial protection to tainted ministers and the first part of the current session was equally lost over the exposure of the split-pulse scam. Despite dismissal of the lady minister who presided over the women and child development department during the period of the scam, there was no change of stance in Congress Legislative Party in the second phase of this session too, as it was harping on the demand for discernible action against all the perpetrators of the heinous crime.

Every day was becoming, in the court of mass conscience, a day of Naveen’s conviction for the crime against the children and pregnant women of Orissa.

The CM and his caucus together were so concussed that to carry on, the Congress Legislative Party was, at any cost, to be gained over.

At this stage, Congress High Command came, yet again, to the rescue of Naveen by prodding the CLP members to soften their stance and participate in the proceedings of the Assembly. Tytler fulfilled this secret mission.

As we have earlier shown in these pages several times, the Congress high command has always stood with Naveen, both being factors of plutocracy and facilitators of POSCO and other American interests.

Change of PCC Presidents at the eve of general elections, oblivious of how adversely may that affect Congress prospects, is indicative of how the Congress high command has kept the Congress Party in Orissa weakened in order to keep Naveen in power so that POSCO and the likes would gain.

The game plan is so solid that Orissa had to witness a surprise stoppage of election of PCC President, the moment it was clear that one of the working Presidents of PCC – Lalatendu Vidyadhar Mohapatra- the marked merciless crusader against Neveen’s misrule, was sure to win.

No wonder, Tytler was sent to suppress the collective legislative conscience of CLP members and impose on them the commands of the high command that Naveen should no more be embarrassed by stonewalling of the Assembly over pulse scandal.

As always, the Congress legislators have obliged their so-called high command and Naveen has gained back confidence that despite corruption, he shall stay in power.

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