Shri Laxmidhar Mohapatra, a senior Camera Person, presently working
for MBC TV, Bhubaneswar has been admitted into Kar Clinic, Unit-IV, with serious health complications since 13.03.2011.

Bhubaneswar being highly mosquito infested due to non-implementation of the Municipal Corporation Act, 2003, he is suffering from complicated malaria with multi organ failure and undergoing haemodialysis.

According to an estimate provided by treating physician Dr. N.K.
Mishra of Kar Clinic, an amount of Rs 3 to Rs 4 lakhs is
required for his treatment.

In the meanwhile an amount of Rs 28, 400.00 was collected through MUFP
which has already been handed over to Mr. Gundicha Balabantaray and Mr
Amiya Pani who are looking after his treatment.

MUFP Presidium has therefore appealed to all media persons to kindly
contribute generously for treatment of Shri Mohapatra.

Those who want to contribute in CASH, may please handover the amount to
Mr Prafulla Das,Bureau Chief: The HINDU by contacting him through his mobile phone: 98610906999 as he is authorized by MUFP to receive the same.

Those who want to contribute by cheque,may please deposit the same against Axis Bank, CRPF Square, Bhubaneswar account of Gundicha Balavantray bearing No. 911010000249085 under intimation to MUFP through Sri Prafulla Das. The Branch Code of the Axis Bank is: utib0000551 (rtz).

All the amount will be handed over to Shri Amiya Pani / Mr. Gundicha
Balabantaray, of MBC TV, who are  looking after Sri Laxmidhar’s
treatment, according to Prasanta Patnaik, who has issued the appeal on behalf of MUFP.

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