Congress Legislators of Orissa Corroborate What This Site Had Said

Time and again we in these pages have shown how the lady autocrat called Congress High Command (CHC) has consistently been keeping the Pradesh Congress Committee (PCC) weakened so that her secret ally in cause of imperialism, Naveen Patnaik continues as Chief Minister of the mineral rich State to facilitate grabbing of Orissa’s fabulous mines by POSCO and the likes, comes whatsoever debacle thereby to the simple-natured indigenous Oriyas.

On our latest discussion on the subject we had exposed how Tytler was sent to force Congress legislators to end their stonewalling of Assembly on the pulse-scam issue so that Naveen Patnaik could be rescued from mounting suspicion over slow-poisoning of school-going kids and pregnant poor women, presumably on payola, through out Orissa, by supply of sub-standard split pulses mixed with highly toxic Khesari, under mid-day mill and supplementary nutrition programs through a network of Secretaries, District Collectors and political leaders comprising Ministers that had given a great bonanza to the dishonest traders. In fact, Congress legislators had acquiesced into Tytler’s pressure and resumed their participation in regular proceedings in the House.

The clandestine CHC scheme exposed in these pages, Tytler had to rush again to Orissa to intimidate the legislators so as not to allow any of them brood aloud over the dramatic end of their collective legislative wisdom in pulse-scam matter, which, if not aborted, might have led to end of Naveen misrule.

Asserting as emissary of Sonia Gandhi, Tytler warned the legislators on sunday that they need sufficient schooling on central schemes sans which issues raised randomly by them in the Assembly would continue to cause ‘much ado about nothing’ impact to the detriment of party image in public esteem.

Homilies gone home, he then wanted to know as to why the Congress was performing so poor in Orissa. But the reaction of Orissa legislators was beyond his expectation.

“The CHC is responsible” was the answer. The way the PCC president was changed at the eve of the general election and party tickets were arbitrarily channeled through favoritism at the last moment in a pattern too demoralizing to Congress workers in the field was bound to have had its adverse impact, the legislators alleged.

Tytler will visit Orissa next week, as he said, to further study the scenario. Congress rank and file in Orissa is too confused to question as to why the election to the post of PCC president was abandoned midway and why the members of the Party are not being allowed to elect their provincial leader.

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