MUFP Asks Authorities to Protect Suryaprabha Publisher from Police Conspiracy

Media Unity for Freedom of Press ( MUFP ) has in a statement expressed serious concern over reports that the Bhubaneswar Police is trying
to slap fabricated charges against Sri Bikash Swain, publisher of Oriya
daily Suryaprabha to despatch him to jail for the second time and make
sure he does not get bail. All this because, despite vindictive police
action against Sri Swain last year, Suryaprabha has refused to fall in
line and has continued to publish critical reports on the acts of
omissions and commissions of both the state government and the
Bhubaneswar-Cuttack Police Commissionerate !

Based on inputs from ‘credible sources’ the Executive Editor of
Suryaprabha Sri Navin Das  in a letter to the MUFP has informed of the police conspiracy against Sri Swain, the newspaper’s founder and publisher.

“The MUFP would not like to jump into conclusions; but we would be failing
in our duty if we do not bring this to your kind attention to prevent
any attempt by the police to intimidate or terrorize the media just
because it chooses to project critical views on the functioning of the
government and its agencies”, the body of collective journalistic conscience has told the authorities.

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