Lokpal Bill: The Hoodwinking Art Contrived to Smash Mass Awakening against Corruption and Maladministration

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s close friend Ottavio Quattroche, whose black connection had blackened Rajiv Gandhi so filthily that the “Mr.Clean” Prime Minister had to get out of office under the stink of Bofors kickbacks, could not be punished, because the CBI withdrew its case against him with Mrs. Gandhi ruling the roost as the godmother of Manmohan Singh government. The Lokpal Bill drafted by the same government that runs under the control of the same Mrs. Gandhi, keeps the CBI out of purview of the Lokpal as if police officials would turn paragons of virtue instantly on being posted to this bureau by the political government!

Is it how corruption is to end?

Conditional inclusion of the Prime Minister is also of no utility in elimination of corruption.

Firstly, any condition riding a Law against corruption is a curtain legislatively contrived to provide a shrewd protection to the corrupt and secondly, corruption is congenital to the environment of capitalism, which the right viruses in politics bring about.

So, as long as the country stays under the grip of capitalism, no Prime Minister can end corruption and no amount of interference by a Lokpal can cause a change.

Prime Ministers may come and Prime Ministers may go, but corruption shall go on for ever till political economy of “inequality” as diagnosed by Dr. Ambedkar in his concluding speech on Constitution in the constituent Assembly of India, continues to keep the country engulfed.

Economy of inequality that post independence India has been forced to adopt by propertied politicians (as confessed by the President even in the Constituent Assembly) provides the mafia with the scope to loot public exchequer and accumulate personal wealth by any means, one of which is corruption as exemplified in the matter of Bofors kickback. The country could not punish the culprit in this first mega scam, because of CBI,manned by personnel, loyal like dogs to fellows in power, did not act diligently and ultimately killed the case.

Ever since Manmohan Singh’s arrival and rise in political horizon of India, the country has fallen in the labyrinth of scams and scandals involving lakhs of crores of rupees that has given birth to a class of neo-rich opportunists, who have no concern for the common man but have total concentration on multiplication of their own properties and creation and expansion of their private empires where a well paid executive layer serves as shock absorbers to keep steady the vehicles of exploitation of India.

These fellows execute their plans by bribing the politicians in power and officials in decision making positions as has come to light through CAG audits and JPC investigations and media exposures.

Harsad Mehta to Nira Radia, the period of India’s obnoxious economic offenses has seen the country ruined to its root by commission agents, lobbyists, body-entertainers, bribe givers and a section of media managers who act in nexus with the pet politicians or to net in politicians to be pet, in service of the capitalists – indigenous and foreign – ever since right viruses have infested the Government.

The scenario has not changed despite change in mandate. If Congress ministry under Narasingh Rao gave birth to Harsad mehta, BJP ministry under Atal Bihari Vajpayee pampered Ketan Parekh and no swindler is seen who is not prospering in the present regime of Manmohan Singh.

This is despite presence of rigorous laws, which, the Lokpal, if constituted, would “recommend” for implementation only.

For such a body, sadly, the attention of common man and administration is being encroached upon. Right viruses in politics, notwithstanding which party they belong to, are in their treacherous best to keep attention of the exploited masses engaged in this barren exercise, so that, collective consciousness would stay stymied away from examining if end of the political economy of inequality is the need of the day.

Be it aborted, rejected in the Parliament or adopted, the Lokpal bill is nothing but a hoodwinking art set to smash the new mass awakening against corruption and maladministration.

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