Justice P.K. Mohanty Requested to Reject Govt. Offer of Judicial Commission and Bar Associations Requested to Strengthen the Protest in the Matter of Pipili Gang Rape

Request to Justice P.K.Mohanty

The Orissa Gana Samaj comprising the united platform of media persons in Orissa – the Media Unity for Freedom of Press – and all Opposition parties and frontline civil society organizations of the State has requested Justice P. K. Mohanty not to accept the offer of the  State Government to act as the Inquiry Commission of Arjungoda (Pipili) gang rape case, which is one of the most heinous crimes against a dalit girl ever perpetrated under supportive canopy of the Government. Making it clear that the Commission is appointed “only to divert growing public anger and increasing demand for a CBI investigation into the case”, the OGS has urged upon Justice Mohanty to “decline offer of the Government in the interest of justice”.

Request to the Bar Associations

The OGS has also requested the members of all Bar Associations including the High Court Bar Association to join the mass protest rally to demonstrate today the wrath of public against official protection given to the rapists of Pipili in particular so far and the tactics contrived in shape of judicial inquiry to give the rapists indirect protection hereafter by delaying the possible actions under criminal laws, as the prosecution shall have to wait till the judicial investigations are over.

In an appeal, joint conveners of the OGS , Prasanta Patnaik and Rabi Das of MUFP have mentioned , ” it is a matter of great concern that the sexual harassment to women is rising in the State of Odisha every day. The increasing henious crime, needless to say, is due to inefficiency, acllousness and political intervension in the State police force. The occurrence in village Arjungoda under Pipili police station is one of the glaring example of such inaction of the Government. Every conseious citizen shall have to react and register their protest”.

As per the program, the protest would be offered in the form of procession start from Gopabandhu Bag, Cuttack on 24th January, 2012 in the morning at 10.30 a.m. and meeting at the end of it while handing over a memorandum to R.D.C. ( Central ) for the Government.

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  1. It is high time to implement e-high courts in all sessions divisions(Districts) and e-supreme court in all state capitals with provisions to appoint Judges by e-nominations from district and higher Bar Associations.
    There is no boundary to western area of Odisha.Each and every district of Odisha is having own cultural and economical background.There is a guideline delivered by Jaswant Singh commission appointed by our central government. In his report, he suggested that a permanent bench of the High Court of Orissa can be established in a place if the five point prerequisites being laid down were fulfilled. Those five prerequisites are:
    1-the area must be more than 400km away from cuttack 2-the area must be a poor area with sc/st people 3-there must be rail and road link to cuttack 4-there must be some infrastructure of Judiciary 5-there must be proportionate percentage of cases pending before the Odisha high court.

    So Kalahandi is the proper place to get the permanent bench of Odisha high court…..but the writ judgement passed by hon’ble Odisha high court that there is no need of setting a high court bench at western region of Odisha, no one has gone to supreme court against that order .

    Now the technology of our nation is the best in the world….following our technology, president of US viewed the operation of US army/CIA at Afghanistan…pakistan. we can utilize this technology in all 30 districts of Odisha, we can call this “E-HIGH COURT” through video conferencing all the matters like writs, appeals and revisions can be heard by Judges at Cuttack and we can file our documents and cases before the registrar of our respective district judgeships and we can get our orders at our places without any travel,lodging,fooding and other costs.There no need of vehicles for judges,building for court,staff recruitment etc.

    Now a days every collector of the district is talking with the CM and PM every day and the investment is 30 lakh per district.

    We can only invest one crore per district and ten crore at high court building…..in total only 40 corore is required for entire Odisha for thirty e-high courts in thirty districts.

    Now in my view we really do not want to be exploited by any elder brother by the name of area,caste,creed or religion .

    Lokanath Nayak
    Kalahandi Bar Association

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