Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

India has been dragged into such a critical condition by the agents of nuclear traders and industrial empires that the political government cannot be stymied on further wrongs against the people if a sycophant again occupies the chair of the President. The men manning the political governments need a sycophant in the highest office to feel safe in their selfish pursuits.

Therefore, not the Pranab Mukherjees, but the Kalams are the persons that should be the choice for the post of the President.

There is no dearth of Kalams in India – simple and selfless, known to and respected in the world, committed to the cause of the country and capable of taking correct decisions in time – to be chosen as the President.

India needs a President to whom it will not be difficult to understand the uniqueness vested in him/her by the Constituent Assembly and to act in terms of the spirit of the Constitution in right earnest to save the people from the nefarious game the avaricious agents of foreign interests as well as indigenous companies, attired as Indian politicians, have been playing against them.

The bad experience the country has had by having a Pratibha Patil as the President is enough to warn us that the chair of India’s President should not again be stained with a political sycophant.

Willfully negligent to her duties in India, she has costed Indian exchequer a sum of at least 200 crores on foreign jaunts with her family members and relations in the guise of Presidential tours.

Such persons, even in President’s chair, remain susceptible to pressure from their nominators or whosoever is in power to create disadvantage if his/her interest is not served.

In selection of the new President, this experience should be kept in mind and suitability of the person in focus should be placed before the people of India by their proposers to enable people to know at least what sort of a person they are going to have as their president. In this course, his/her background and conduct should be honestly placed before the people with evidence, if any, on his/her commitment to the country’s Constitution.

As far as Pranab Mukherjee is concerned, he is a party to have sabotaged Indian Constitution by subjecting India to GATT in rendering its Preamble inconsequential and his versions in the matter of this agreement as well as of the nuke deal cannot be accepted as consonant with the need of our parliamentary sovereignty. If he be the choice for the post of President, his conduct in these two episodes should be made public and subjected to elaborate public debates, in interest of the country, by the party/parties/persons nominating/sponsoring him for the highest office.

Simultaneously, his proposers should also ascertain from him and place before the people the legitimacy of the fabulous wealth he and his family has accumulated.

Election affidavits show that he has assets exceeding Rs.3 crores and one of his sons Abhijit Mukerjee has near about Rs. 5 crores.

Pranab being a full time politician, his income from salary vis-a-vis cost of living, when compared with others in similar income and expenditure bracket, calls for analysis of whether or not his assets are disproportional to known source of income.

This is also necessary in his son’s case. Abhijit was working as a manager under the establishment of Steel Authority of India. None of his cadre and career has this much asset on records.

Where from he accumulated assets worth about 5 crores? Has Pranab any contribution thereto?

The country is so much affected by corruption because of the climate of corruption the politicians in power have created, that, when assets of a person in possibility of being nominated for the post of President seems disproportional to his known source of income, it should be better to eliminate every doubt on such accumulation of assets.

But sadly, the rules of the country do not make it a must.

Hence, it is better for politicians to find out a nonpolitical person of name, fame and achievements for the post of India’s President instead of Patils and Pranabs.

The chair of the President is too precious for India to be allowed to be stained with tainted players of power game.

In times to come, when increasingly higher numbers of people are taking militant stances against disparities and civil societies are getting resolutely more active against corruption and concentration of wealth in few hands as the Parliament is succumbing to number games, the country needs a President with no obligation to political power players, as only such a person can act as the final protector of Indian sovereignty from the network of vested interests.

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