If It is Really His Site, Pranab Mukherjee Should Certainly be Censored

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

A shocked friend sent me a link obtained from facebook that led me to a page carrying a link to Pranab Mukherjee’s personal website.

The above picture is the picture of that page obtained through screen shot.

As I clicked on the link there and the site opened, I was so shocked that I could not believe my eyes and ears for what hit me. I suspected the facebook link. Then I made a google search for Mukherjee’s personal website. I found the same link also in the google search page. The picture below is the picture of the google search page obtained through screen shot.

The so-called Congress high command, in the past, had planted some of its loyal factotums as President of India taking advantage of the constitutional provisions that the President would not be elected directly by the people.

But no sycophant of the Congress high command, preceding Pranab in the President post, had, after becoming the President, ever shown the audacity of calling upon the countrymen to proceed hand-in-hand with the Congress Party. Pranab is doing this. The background song of his personal website gives this call. Click here to see the site and to hear the song.

If the google search result is correct, if the link to his site in the facebook is not incorrect, if the site is really his site, Pranab Mukherjee deserves to be censored in the strongest term one can use. No Indian, worth the epithet, can digest such destruction of the dignity of India’s President.

Mukherjee must ensure that the song of his mad loyalty to the Congress Party, in use as the background song of his personal site, is instantly deleted; because he has, howsoever unfortunate for India is his election to the august office, become the President.

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  1. STUNNED !!!
    Yes, I too taken aback, like any selfrespecting Citizen of India, upon clicking on the said personal site of Sri Pranab Mukharjee by being blasted with the pinching loyalist wordings of the background music. To confirm if this music was planted without any reference to the AUGUST CHAIR he holds I took time to read into the details in the site styled his personal site and to my utter surprise there was a mention of his winning the president election by such and such margin was also detailed. I got a further shock with this. How can this happen without the full knowledge and approval of Sri Mukherjee ?


    Will someone please read the horoscope of INDIAbaby65 aloud on the coming INDIPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATIONS FROM THE RED FROT TOO ???

    So help GOD !!

    • If the President of India does such a thing, surely the fate of indian democracy is doomed. Remedial steps should be taken immediately.

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