The History Mamata Wrote Will Stay Shining Forever

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

The history Mamata Banerjee and her brave colleagues in Trinamool Congress have written on 21 September 2012 will stay shining forever in the life of independent India.

Their decision to withdraw from Manmohan Singh government in total disapproval of the Prime Minister’s attempt to push the country back into the days of the British raj through the machinations of FDI in multi-brand retail trading is a perfect example of political conscience, so invisible in present day India, where the Marxists mingle with the Mulayams and unscrupulousness stands for leadership.

The people of India are eager to extricate themselves from the labyrinth of corruption and scams and swindling of shares and loot of natural resources and misuse of exchequer that the traitors in power have thrown them into.

Various elements have tried to use this eagerness to their own advantage. From Anna Hazare to Kejriwal to Ramdev, headlines have been hijacked to create masks for clandestine operators of black money who want the status quo to continue in a new form, away from any real effective alternative. The right-wing Opposition with a dark history of corruption and anti-people disinvestment that it was known for when in power has tried to take advantage of the new mass awakening against corruption. But nobody has come forward to make such a striking sacrifice in cause of the countrymen; nobody thought of resigning from their political posts to work for democracy, nobody has relinquished coveted posts of central ministers in protest against anti-people acts of the government as the members of TMC have done.

With Marxists hobnobbing with Mulayam despite his declaration to support the government that is busy in converting India into a grazing ground of foreigners and with BJP discernibly against the tenets of national integration because of its mindset against Muslims, Mamata is perhaps the best remedy available against all the anti-people design of the Congress Party and Manmohan Singh.

It is time; the Trinamool Congress should rise above regional limitations, and lead the nation into the position where Indians have always dreamt of seeing their Republic.

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