Governor Orders the Government to Assist Lokpal in Probing into Atrociousness of Police in Opposition Rally

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

We had stood out from others in the media in reporting the atrocious conduct of Police in shattering the program of the main Opposition party for Assembly blockade on September 6, purely on our commitment to honor the people’s right to be informed.

At the summit of debates on the same report, on September 12 we had stressed upon the need for an investigation into whether or not the 6th September violence was government induced even while further digging out to what extent the deliberate atrociousness of the police was visible.

We are glad to report; the Orissa Governor has on September 27 issued an order for a probe into alleged police excesses in the September 6 rally. The Orissa Unit of Congress party, whose congregation was shattered in the violence had moved the Governor in this regard.

The Orissa Lokpal would conduct the probe. In a communication to the Chief Minister, the Governor has asked the Government to extend its full co-operation to the Lokpal in this matter.

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