Govt. mum on issues raised by ORISSA MATTERS; makes provisions to regularize illegal works of BRPL/Stemcor

Subhas Chandra Pattanayak

In these pages, on January 3, 2013, I had raised the question as to how Stemcor completed 95% of its Project sans entitlement, specifically in absence of a valid MoU.

Suppressing the fact that this London based foreign company will be the end beneficiary of the project involved, the Government of Orissa run by Naveen Patnaik had signed a MoU with a cover called Brahmani River Pellets Limited (BRPL) on 15 March 2007, which, when executed, would cause massive loss and disadvantages to the people, as shown in my article referred to above and a subsequent one published on 12 January 2013.

I had elaborated in those articles the illegalities committed by the company after lapse of the MoU on March 15, 2009.

Unidentifiable front men were engaged to browbeat me by hurling obnoxious words in form of comments, when the Government run by Naveen Patnaik was keeping mum on the company’s claim of completion of approximate 95% of the project sans entitlement.

The Government had to explain, how this foreign company working under a cover was admittedly carrying out its work for more than two years and three months till June 27, 2011 despite loss of validity of the MoU on March 15, 2009.

This was necessary for the people to know who in the Government acts a comprador to keep the eyes of administration closed to this company’s illegal activities.

Instead of explaining its inability to stop massacring of our biosphere by the foreigner Stemcor through its cover called BRPL in absence of a valid MoU, the government has promulgated a new guideline by notification No. 359 dated 15th January 2013 that aims at regularizing the company’s illegal activities.

The guideline at clause iv thereof says, “A fresh instrument will be signed allowing further time for establishment of the project after obtaining Government orders. The instrument will contain a clause providing that the actions done pursuant to the provisions of the existing MoU after expiry of the validity period will be treated to have been done as per the instrument”.

Readers now can use their sense of grasping to arrive at whether or not the State is running by compradors that make the Government dance to the tune of private companies, howsoever disastrous that be to the future of the State.

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